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A New Face Every Month

Did you know it takes about 4 weeks for your face to move through the full life cycle of skin cells exfoliating and rejuvenating?

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Ultrasound Cavitation

What is Ultrasound Cavitaion? The most advanced way to break down fat cells, remove cellulite and tighten and tone your skin! Ultrasound Cavitation is one of the most advanced systems on today’s market. Using Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency, the Cavi Lipo Treatment allows your body to break down fat cells. These cells are then metabolized through…
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Radio Frequency Body Contouring

Radio Frequency Body Contouring Radio Frequency Body Contouring (also known as skin tightening) is becoming very popular because it helps remove fat, tighten the skin and improve tone, without any pain or downtime at all! It’s a pretty versatile treatment since it can help reduce flabby skin, contour and tighten a post pregnancy tummy, reduce…
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Vacuum RF Therapy

Vacuum RF Therapy for cellulite reduction Vacuum RF Therapy is one of a number of therapies used to tackle the hard-to-shift, dimpled fat that is often found on thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach and the tops of arms. A vacuum is created around the area, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow,…
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Microcurrent LED non-Surgical Facelift

When you get the Microcurrent LED Non-Surgical Facelift you will see an astonishing difference as your skin becomes more healthy, radiant, smoother and firmer. Let me explain how this exciting procedure works. Microcurrent sends a low level pulsating current that mimics the natural current in the body/skin to tone, sculpt and shape facial muscles for…
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Dermacycling is the exciting new skin care technology featured as the Hollywood Peel on television. Dermacycling is based on nano technology and a new understanding of how the body’s reaction to trauma can rejuvenate our skin. The Dermacycle Machine is a natural non-thermal process that uses LED lights that emit less energy that a 40…
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