Clinical Facial Treatments

What is a clinical facial?

Facial treatments have been popular for many years, but what is the difference between a clinical facial and a facial?

Clinical facial treatments are quite different from traditional facial treatments because they are generally more treatment focused. First and foremost, the purpose of a clinical facial is to treat the skin from a medical/ health perspective. Although relaxing and pleasing to the senses, the goal of a clinical facial is to promote and then maintain healthy skin.

Traditional facial treatments can also play a key role in promoting and maintaining healthy skin.  Most traditional facials are performed in a spa setting by an esthetician and are considered a relaxing treatment, similar to a massage. These facials usually include cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging the skin and applying a mask and moisturizer.

First Facial

Not sure which facial you should get for your skin concerns? Then this is the facial for you.

Your skin will be thoroughly analyzed with the Skin Scope and the Magnifying lamp. This skin consultation & analysis will include a professional treatment program recommendation, based on your skincare needs and goals. Next, I will perform a facial to meet your skincare goals. After the facial, I will give a final consultation to go over recommended home care products and your treatment plan, keeping your budget in mind.

** Everyone starts with a first facial if you’ve never gotten a facial here before.**

this initial appointment is approximately 90 minutes   168-

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Skin Consultation & Analysis

Your skin will be thoroughly analyzed with the Skin Scope and the Magnifying lamp. At least 30 minutes prior to your skin consultation & analysis, cleanse and moisturize your skin, as usual (it's okay if it has been longer than 30 minutes but not less than). No Makeup Please! This will give me the most accurate assessment of your skin. During the skin consultation & analysis we will determine the best skin care regimen to begin, that is catered to your skin concerns and goals. Along with treatments chosen to be thoughtful of your personal budget.

treatment time approximately 30 minutes   100-

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RF Lift & Restore Facial

The ULTIMATE nonsurgical facelift! Radio Frequency (RF) energy is a non-surgical way to tighten and reverse the early signs of loose or sagging skin. Ideal for patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissue, usually those in their mid 30’s-50’s, with any skin color. This treatment helps lift and plump with radiofrequency waves known to promote the reproduction of skin cells and collagen.
This time stopping treatment includes an enzyme peel, the first step to flawless skin. The intense heat from this enzyme peel plumps while it exfoliates. Next is EMS & Electroporation to stimulate lax muscles and penetrate serums/ampoules deep into the skin. Then RF skin tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to rejuvenate collagen production. Followed by a hydrating mask that calms and cools the skin, locking anti-aging products deep into the skin for lasting hydration.

treatment time approximately 75 minutes   

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LED Light Therapy Facial

The LED Light Therapy Facial is non-invasive and can be programmed to target specific skin issues.

It helps to:

  • reproduce collagen
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • treat acne
  • reduce & heal acne scarring
  • reduce uneven pigmentation
  • reduce redness and rosacea flare-ups
  • reduce photoaging

Your skin will appear more radiant, showing continued gradual improvements with each subsequent application (2x per week for 4-6 weeks is recommended, 1x per week is acceptable for 8-12 weeks).

This treatment includes a double cleanse, enzyme peel, extractions, 30 min of LED, treatment serums, moisturizer & SPF.

Sold as a package.

treatment time approximately 60 minutes   

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Advanced Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

Treat your skin with Microcurrent and LED technology in one. Microcurrent to lift, tighten and exercise/re-educate your sagging facial muscles, returning them to their youthful form. LED Light to support your skin challenges, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.

A rejuvenating treatment that stimulates muscle memory and boosts the collagen and elasticity in the skin to tighten and tone. It's like getting a lift without the Botox or Surgery. No recovery, no needles, no pain. Easy, relaxing, and hydrating. You will feel refreshed and you will look younger!

Put your plastic surgeon on hold and sign up for a series of treatments. A series weekly treatments recommended until full effect desired is achieved.

treatment time approximately 90 minutes   

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Microcurrent Facial Sculpting/Face Lift

Firm and tone your skin with this relaxing treatment which uses micro-current to stimulate muscles underneath the skin and call them to action, providing an instant, visible lifting, and tightening effect.

A painless non-invasive treatment that stimulates muscle memory and boosts the collagen and elasticity in the skin to tighten and tone. It's like getting a lift without the Botox or Surgery. No recovery, no needles, no pain. Easy, relaxing, and hydrating. You will feel refreshed and you will look younger. Win/Win!

Recommended in a series of treatments, followed with monthly maintenance.

treatment time approximately 60 minutes   

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Best Facial Treatment Burlington Vermont

Electro Mesotherapy Infusion Facial

Otherwise known as the ‘No-Needle Filler’ Alternative

It is a pain-free, needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy and provides safe and effective non-invasive transdermal delivery of therapeutic solutions. Unlike a serum that nourishes the outer layers of your skin, the mesotherapy infusion goes deeper and nourishes your skin not only from the outside but also from the inside by opening up a microscopic channel in your skin to achieve the penetration needed to get beneath the outer layers.

The natural solutions used, may contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that rejuvenate, promote collagen and elastin production, improve hydration, and increase skin metabolism. By directly nourishing the cells with vital nutrients, it promotes a more youthful appearance, and the solutions stimulate the immune system, facilitating rejuvenation that continues post-treatment as part of the body’s natural response.

After just one treatment you can potentially see a visible reduction in wrinkles, firming of fine lines, minimizing the appearance of acne and acne scars, all while boosting skin elasticity and brightening your complexion. 

The effects of mesotherapy infusion are cumulative and a series of treatments is initially recommended, followed by maintenance treatments. 

treatment time approximately 75 minutes 

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Microdermabrasion Facial Burlington Vermont

Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound Therapy

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical treatment used to remove the uppermost layers of your skin. Your skin will immediately look younger and smoother and will feel noticeably softer. Your make up will glide onto your skin and your skin's natural glow will return. Nicknamed by the stars “the Lunchtime peel” for good reason, when performed correctly, Microdermabrasion will have immediate and noticeable results.

Microdermabrasion is suitable for almost all skin types, particularly if you are concerned about:

  • dull, aged-looking skin
  • sun damage/age spots
  • enlarged pores
  • acne scars
  • fine lines and wrinkles

Your Microdermabrasion treatments ALSO include another state of the art addition to increase the results you see – AT NO EXTRA COST!

Your Micros also include Ultrasound Therapy as standard. On completion of the first steps of your micro treatment, I will finish with Ultrasound infusion of active ingredients to intensify your results. I select high-strength active ingredients to infuse into your skin and using Ultrasound therapy. I can infuse these ingredients 1000 times deeper into your skin than by massage.

So when you choose Microdermabrasion at Spalon Euphoria, you receive Microdermabrasion and the hydrating and plumping benefits of ultrasound. Two treatments for the price of one...  Double the results! No other spa offers you Ultrasound treatments as standard with your microdermabrasion treatment.

This treatment is truly healing. The best results can be achieved with a series of treatments.

treatment time approximately 60 minutes   

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Microdermabrasion Express

The best result can be achieved with a series of six treatments spaced one week apart.

*This is Microdermabrasion only, no ultrasound.*

treatment time approximately 30 minutes   

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Ultrasonic Facial Burlington BVermont

Ultrasonic plus Ultrasound Rejuvenation Facial

This advanced, effective, non-invasive, facial treatment is suitable for all skin types, including acne, rosacea, sensitive and mature skin.

Your customized facial treatment will gently exfoliate dead skin cells for a cleaner, healthier complexion without redness, swelling, and irritation. It will also loosen and remove dirt, oil, and cellular debris from pores to achieve a radiant healthy glow.

This facial treatment offers intense transdermal delivery of active ingredients, through the process of Sonophoresis to effectively treat conditions like dry and aged skin, pigmentation, and acne. This will diminish fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and drive topical treatments deep into the skin 1000 times deeper than by hand massage alone.

You will see your skin fatten and plump before your eyes. Your skin will have that lit-from-within glow – making it the perfect treatment to indulge in before a big event.

treatment time approximately 60 minutes   

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Want a little extra TLC? Add any of following to your facial

Lip Renewal Treatment

Be remembered for your healthy smile with this smoothing, conditioning treatment for an area that is often ignored – the lips!  Designed to smooth & condition rough, uneven lips for a healthier smile. This treatment can be incorporated into the skincare treatment prior to the mask.

treatment time approximately 15 minutes   30-

Renewing Eye Treatment

This treatment will visibly decrease the redness of the eyelids, reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles, and improve tone. The skin around the eyes will appear well nourished, moisturized, smoother, and softer. Add to any facial.   30-

Hand Treatment

Your hands and lower arms will thank you as you enjoy a ‘scentuous’ hand treatment designed to exfoliate any dry skin and increase product penetration. Followed by a hot towel treatment and relaxing massage with a rich buttercream. Your skin will be soft, hydrated, and smooth.  25-

Mini-Reiki Treatment

Experience the following benefits: increased energy levels, self-confidence & self-esteem, relief from anxiety and depression for days at a time, weight loss due to having more energy to exercise, and feeling more grounded & centered with a stronger sense of purpose in life.   15-

Aromatic Scalp Massage

Believe it or not, we store a lot of stress in our scalps! This aromatherapy treatment focuses not only on bringing a heightened state of relaxation to you; it will also enhance circulation for improved hair and skin health.   15-