March Newsletter 2014

Follow the Rainbow – Find Your Pot of Gold

pot-of-goldSt. Patrick’s Day is often associated with a rainbow and a pot of gold! We have all wanted at one time or another to follow the rainbow that leads to a pot of gold! Well, we can and we should! The pot of gold we are speaking of is not material gain, but something far more important, YOUR HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WELLNESS! When you have good balance in life, you allow yourself to accept all types of success, because when you are in good health with peace of mind, you can think clearly and creatively, enabling you to stay on top of your game. When you don’t allow yourself any pleasure in a highly stressful life, neurological changes actually take place in the brain, affecting the rest of the body. It’s time to ditch the old cliché, ‘no pain, no gain’ and realize how depriving yourself of pleasure can lead to stress, depression, fatigue, headaches, heart disease, and more.

How to Find Your Pot of Gold
First of all, you must stay positive! Picture yourself healthy, well, beautiful, and happy! Stay away from negative thoughts and replace them with something positive. The more you focus on the positives in your life the closer you are to the pot of Gold!

A recent study indicated that stress is the number one cause of all ailments, it’s also known as the silent killer. Don’t let stress get to you and deprive you from reaching your pot of Gold. Don’t carry your stress on your back, neck, and shoulders and let it get you sick. Commit to “me time” by adding yourself to your busy schedule. It could be visiting the spa once or twice per month to enjoy a massage or facial treatment; stay connected to your friends by bringing a friend with you to the spa and have your nails done together. Maybe it’s visiting the fitness center for a workout, or gardening can also be a great mood enhancer. We are all rushing to accomplish what is on our list but it is so important to remember to take some time for personal pleasures.

Give to get! We receive pleasure when we give to others. Do something nice for someone, volunteer some time with an organization in your community. When we reach out to help others, we receive a great sense of accomplishment, as we help all involved. It’s a win-win situation and can also build bonds that last a lifetime!

Whatever pleasures you decide on, be sure to make a commitment. Take the time to fit it into your schedule. Once you start practicing with regularity, it will start to become a healthy habit. When one naturally leans to doing things that are more pleasing without guilt, one is then on the right track to a happy lifestyle and better health! GO find your POT OF GOLD! Be well!

Favorite Things

Fresh Start

refresh & hydrate winter weary skin

Your choice of:

D2O Hydration spray A facial spritz that helps to calm and plump the skin cells. Contains key ingredients to calm and protect the skin. Ylang Ylang fragrance. Sets minerals.

POMMISST Hydration spray - A facial spritz with the added benefit of pomegranate extract, a powerful antioxidant. Hydrates, conditions and protects all skin types, especially mature. Sets minerals.Balance Hydration spray - A facial spritz formulated to help balance skin's oil production and pH. Orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract calm and feed the skin. Sets minerals.

FREE with $100 purchase of Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Reg. MSRP $18.50

Great Find - 2/19/2014

I ordered Jane Iredale Hydration Spray for the first time. I absolutely love it!! It makes my mineral powder foundation look flawless. My skin is also not so dry. I am definitely hooked on it!

Hydration spray is amazing - 5/16/2013

The fine mist is just enough to set your make up and leave you looking all dewy and so fresh. I would recommend for the finishing touch to your makeup regimine.

My favorite face mist!! - 2/5/2014

I love it, my mineral makeup looks so natural and my face glows when I use it... Cannot live without it!!

Winter is coming to an end, but chapped, irritated lips are still in season!

So, let me introduce you to one of my favorite products, Jane Iredale Pure Moist Lip Colour, to help take care of that! With ingredients like grape seed extract, jojoba esters, beeswax, peppermint leaf extract, and Vitamin E, this lip colour helps relieve and seal the most dry, irritated lips. Pucker up!
MSRP $20

Superior Lipstick

star star star star star

Creamy,beautiful pigment,lovely sheen-this is a fantastic lipstick. I have tried literally every high end lipstick on the market and this is the finest lipstick I have every purchased.

Perfect Wedding Day Pink

star star star star star

I just bought Susan to wear on my wedding day. It's a very pretty bridal pink that goes on smooth. It's also super moisturizing which is a plus. It goes very well with my olive skin tone. I'm definitely going to check out other colors as well.

I love this lipstick

star star star star star

I am 60 years young and this is the only lipstick that does not 'leak' into the cracks of my lips...i love Rose and Susan and Renee the best.... it's moist and i've used it every day for at least 10 years... Barb Wilson

Spa Q and A

How often should I mask?
A mask is an essential home care regimen.  There are many reasons to mask in-between your monthly facials. There are masks for different skin types, i.e. if you are need of a “hydration booster” I recommend using a nourishing cream or serum under a hydrating mask once or twice a week.

For oily or problematic skin, you will need to mask weekly with an anti-bacterial or mud/clay type of mask. Ask me about the ideal mask for your skin type.

Tips on making time for masking: Find time in your schedule, pencil it in, and stick to it!  For example, you can mask on the weekends, or, maybe you prefer to multi-task, working on other tasks, while you are masking.  Either way, make it a healthy habit for your skin and maintain a beautiful glow!

Spa Promotions

Veneer Nails - Say Hello to chip-free, extended wear colour, that lasts 2-3 weeks

Veneer is designed for anyone who simply cannot keep their nail polish on longer than a few days. Nobody likes to ruin fresh manicures, Veneer is a perfect manicure system that is designed for people poor on time that needs gorgeous nails that dry instantly and can last up to fourteen days.
It's not acrylic, it's not gel and it's certainly not a nail polish, however the formula is similar to how a polish feels on your nails, it's thin (not chunky looking at all - like those fake types) and flexible like nail polish.
In fact it's very natural and even helps to strengthen naturally weaken nails by adding a strong yet resilient coating for protection that gives a super gloss, shiny finish and you will be glad to know it will not ruin your natural nails and there is no buffing involved.
Veneer goes on like nail polish involving base coat, two coats of colour and a shiney gloss top coat together with a LED light to set your nails.

Isn't it Time You Tried a Veneer Manicure?
This month only, when you schedule a Veneer polish for $38 you will get aFREE Paraffin Hand Treatment upgrade, $24 value.

Shed Winter Blues - Champagne Facial
Intense and luxurious hydrating facial for winter-parched skin. A champagne grape mask adds moisture, as it gently exfoliates. Antioxidants plump skin and lock in moisture, as well as protect against collagen and elastin damage!

$214 of Beauty Treatments for Just $99!
Enjoy the Champagne Facial for only $99.00 and receive absolutely FREE

Skin Lightening Hand Treatment - Lighten pigmentation such as age spots, uneven skin tone or discoloration. $20.00   FREE

Reiki Mini-Treatment - Experience the following benefits: increased energy levels, self-confidence & self esteem, relief from anxiety and depression for days at a time, weight loss due to having more energy to exercise, and feeling more grounded & centered with a stronger sense of purpose in life. $15.00   FREE

Aromatic Scalp Massage - Believe it or not, we store a lot of stress in our scalps! This aromatherapy treatment focuses not only on bringing a heightened state of relaxation; it will also enhance circulation for improved hair and skin health. $15.00   FREE

Skin Consultation & Analysis - Your skin will be thoroughly analyzed with the Woods lamp and the Magnifying lamp. At least 30 minutes prior to you skin consultation & analysis, cleanse and moisturize your skin, as usual (it's okay if it has been longer than 30 minutes but not less than). No Makeup Please! This will give me the most accurate assessment of your skin. This skin consultation & analysis will include a professional treatment program recommendation, based on your skin care needs and goals. Along with a professional product home care prescription card. $65.00   FREE

Total Value $214

BUT…ONLY available for the first 17 bookings!

You Pay only $99.00

Regain your glow!

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